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How to Increase Content Quality with E-A-T and Purpose

By |2020-03-31T14:51:32+00:00March 31st, 2020|Marketing|

According to IBM, “over 3.5 Billion Google searches are conducted worldwide each minute of every day. That is 2 trillion searches per year worldwide. That is over 40,000 search queries per second.” That’s a lot of content that people are searching for, and when you rank well, you’re going to reap the benefits with more [...]

The SEO’s Guide to UX

By |2020-03-20T15:35:04+00:00March 20th, 2020|Marketing, SEO|

When we talk about UX and SEO, we’re really talking about the same thing. With Google and other search engines moving towards user-focused design, you can’t ignore the benefit of an almost frictionless experience for all users. An SEO’s goal is to ensure robots and people are finding what they need in a timely manner, [...]