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SEO Case Study for B2C Nonprofit technology company

How Caringbridge grew blog traffic by 228% in 12 Months


Prior to 2019, CaringBridge’s Resources section lacked a strong organic search presence. Their content strategy primarily focused on inspirational stories and book reviews, which performed well on social and email, but had little impact in search.

Despite being one of the most authoritative resources on coping with health crises, their blog content lacked the strategy to become a well-known, helpful resource for people affected by medical trials.

Since CaringBridge is a nonprofit, we had to be mindful of the resources we were allocating to new content creation. Creating high-quality articles without demanding too much of the content team’s already limited time was the biggest challenge at hand. 

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Beth Betcher, CaringBridge
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CaringBridge is a well-known brand with a massive, engaged audience in need of more support and advice – the case for investing in an organic content strategy became clear. 

We wanted to build authority for the emotional, spiritual, and familial topics that arise during a medical event. We developed a content strategy to guide people with advice and inspiration through what CaringBridge refers to as the “health journey.”

Our Process:

  • Mapped keyword research to the health journey, prioritized by relevance, volume and competition level.
  • Sent out prompts to CaringBridge’s 311,000 Facebook followers asking for ideas on each health journey topic.
  • Created or updated 28 articles, sourcing ideas and including the real comments from the user generated content (UGC). This process engaged CaringBridge’s audience while minimizing the amount of time and effort needed to create helpful content.
  • CaringBridge promoted content on Facebook and email to increase reach and engagement.


In just one year, CaringBridge’s Resources section graduated from a nearly invisible organic search presence to the fastest-growing organic section of their site. 

Since January 2019, content efforts accounted for:

  • 228% YOY increase in organic users
  • 241% YOY increase in organic new users
  • 79% YOY increase in new registered users (CaringBridge site creation)

New content creation also significantly influenced performance on social and email. In the past year, Facebook traffic to Resources increased by 303%, and email increased by 76%.

Finally, these results go beyond the numbers – hundreds of positive sentiments have been expressed by CaringBridge’s community on these articles:

CaringBridge organic traffic 2019 vs 2018

“Very helpful listing, I like the quotes. The concept for your site is amazing!”

“These ideas will help me to be able to help my sister. She lives far away so the [gift] package idea will be fun.”

“WOW these sentiments are spot on… from one who is battling lymphoma. Listening to the patient is so vital as well, it truly is the simple things in life that are the best meds of all!”

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