Freaking out because you missed the Digital Summit 2018? Don’t worry. We rounded up the top tools suggested by some of the industry’s most prominent thought leaders. Read on to find useful advice for both content marketers and SEOs.

What is the Digital Summit?

The Digital Summit is a digital marketing-focused event featuring notable speakers in the industry. Topics include content, search, UX/design, social and more. The event takes place annually and occurs in more than a dozen major U.S. cities.

This post focuses on presentations that occurred at the Minneapolis Digital Summit.

Content marketing & SEO tools

Experts from GoDaddy, iPullRank and more shared some of their favorite digital marketing tools at this year’s Summit. Check it out:

1. headlines.sharethrough

Headlines.sharethrough is a must-have for content marketers who want to determine the engagement level of their headlines. The tool scores your headline based on a variety of factors like use of positive/negative language, brand mentions and even whether or not you reference a body part (this apparently ramps up CTR).

Headlines.sharethrough tool screenshot

This tool is also useful for more than just headlines… Try popping your meta descriptions and company bios in, and you’ll likely leave with much more engaging copy.

2. Nacho Analytics

The whole conference was abuzz about this particular tool, which had dropped that same day. With Nacho Analytics, you can see anyone’s Google Analytics account in real time.

According to the website, the process is extremely simple. You choose a competitor’s website, they give you access to the data and you get to choose which account you’d like to view it in.

A 7-day free trial is available, with an additional 30 days money-back guarantee. Why not give it a shot?

3. Ryte’s Content Success tool

For any given keyword, Google also expects certain related keywords to appear in your content. For example, if you’re targeting the keyword “volleyball”, Google may also expect to see words like “serve”, “spike”, “team”, “coach” and more.

Ryte’s Content Success tool tells you the weight of related keywords in the content you’re trying to rank for.

This tool also allows you to put your copy into their optimization tool, then it tells you which keywords you’re using too often and which to add.

4. SearchMetrics’ Content Optimization tool

Similar to Ryte’s tool, SearchMetrics’ content optimization tool analyzes your copy and offers helpful suggestions to optimize. The main difference between the tools is that with SearchMetrics, you can do this all in one place, without having to jump from tool to tool.SearchMetrics Content Optimization tool screenshot

Another cool feature is the duplicate content checker, which crawls the top 30 websites and flags duplications between your content and theirs. With duplicate content posing the real danger of lowered rankings and copyright infringements, this feature is a huge asset.

5. Knime’s Textprocessing tool

Knime is used for free and open-source data analytics, but one of its features “Textprocessing” allows users to really dive into text analytics.

The KNIME Textprocessing feature enables users to read, process, mine and visualize textual data conveniently. The tool is able to read and process the data, then transform it into numerical data in order to apply regular KNIME data mining nodes (e.g. for clustering and classification).

6. Pingdom

pingdom tool screenshot

Pingdom helps marketers monitor their website’s availability and performance, so you’ll always know when your site is down. This tool is especially helpful at providing reliable alerting and root cause analysis so that you know the exact timing and cause of the issue.

7. Botify

Botify helps marketers compute their content’s internal PageRank. You just copy and paste your content’s code into the tool, and it spits out the number of internal links and the resulting internal PageRank. This matters because spreading internal link juice in your site is an important component of SEO.

The difference between using Botify and your standard SEO tool is that Botify shows how your website’s Pagerank is distributed only within your website. Standard tools take into account the entire web. Basically, Botify shows where your website’s link juice flows to, regardless of how much Pagerank your website receives from other websites.

8. ZapierZapier tool screenshot

This one’s not SEO or content-specific, but it is still useful for marketers in this space. Zapier helps connect your most-used project management apps like Evernote, Trello, Asana and more to automate your work and improve productivity. It boasts 1000+ apps and integrations.

Tools for the modern digital marketer

The 2018 Digital Summit was a great opportunity to network and learn how digital experts get things done. Try any of these 8 tools to improve your writing and help your content rise to the top of search results.

If you’re interested in more tools to make your job easier, try these 12 free SEO plugins for WordPress. They’ll help you maximize your SEO efforts without blowing up your budget.

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