The SEO’s Guide to UX

When we talk about UX and SEO, we’re really talking about the same thing. With Google and other search engines moving towards user-focused design, you can’t ignore the benefit of an almost frictionless experience for all users. An SEO’s goal is to ensure robots and people are finding what they need in a timely manner, [...]

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Crawl Budget Optimization: How to Improve Crawl Efficiency

Content and on-page elements often get the bulk of an SEO strategy’s attention. After all, you can’t rank for keywords if you don’t have content. But, what if search engines have problems crawling your content? If you have a website that’s plagued with crawl issues and inefficiencies, then your content may never perform to its [...]

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What Is Brave Ads? An Advertiser’s Guide

TL;DR:  People are annoyed by ads, simply because they’re everywhere and can be intrusive. As a result, they’re flocking to privacy-first Browsers, Search Engines, & Ad Blockers in droves. One of the brightest stars in secure browsing is Brave, a browser built to protect user data above everything else.  In recent years, Brave has rolled [...]

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