Amazon SEO: How to Optimize for the A9 Algorithm

Show of hands: who has an Amazon Prime account? Based on this survey, nearly a third of the entire U.S. population. And whether you love or hate what Amazon is doing on a personal level, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s the world’s largest e-commerce platform, claiming roughly half of e-commerce market share in [...]

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Why Are My Ecommerce Pages Not Being Indexed?

Ecommerce websites, especially large ecommerce websites, commonly have indexing issues. Either your pages are not all being indexed by search engines or you have far too many indexed pages (typically referred to as “index bloat”). This article addresses the former issue and will help you do the following: Determine how well your pages are being [...]

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8 Quick Google Data Studio Tips for Better Reporting

Imagine a world in which your website's analytics turned into a chart that you can easily scan and understand. Enter Google Data Studio. This free data visualization tool lets you illustrate your data in interactive reports. This post will explain why Data Studio is useful, provide resources to help you create your report and offer [...]

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SaaS Marketing: 6 Strategies to Market Software as a Service

Most people use SaaS products every single day, sometimes without even realizing it. That’s because SaaS, as a business concept, can be difficult to grasp. There are several strategies you can employ to overcome these hurdles - and as with most marketing worth its salt, selling SaaS requires creativity, genuine consumer engagement, and a killer [...]

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In-House Marketing Vs. Agency: Which Is Better?

To outsource, or not to outsource? That is the question. It’s a decision every growing business faces as it determines how to handle its marketing efforts. They’re two very different solutions, each with unique factors that could significantly impact your firm’s performance. This article explores the differences between in-house marketing and agencies, advantages and disadvantages [...]

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Building Inbound Links for SEO: A 10-Point Checklist

Link building: some love it, many hate it, but few serious digital marketers would say that backlinks are unimportant. It’s no secret that building links can be a time-intensive, frustrating, fruitless endeavor. It usually involves finding potential link targets and sending cold email after cold email, often with little to no response. Or, if you’re [...]

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