12 Best Free SEO Plugins for WordPress

If you’re ready to step up your SEO game, but not willing to break the bank on premium WordPress plugins, then you’ve come to the right article. We’ll walk you through 12 of the best FREE WordPress plugin for your entire SEO strategy. Use the table of contents below to navigate this guide: [...]

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MnSearch Summit Takeaways: SEO Innovations (+ Q&A with Google)

"Screw your best practices." This was the resounding message opening speaker, Wil Reynolds of Seer Interactive, left us with, and they're the four words that could represent the entire conference. Hosted in the downtown St. Paul River Center on June 22nd, the MnSearch Summit boasted a hefty, 300+ person attendance and featured speakers from Google, [...]

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We’re Hiring – SEO Manager

About the Role We’re looking for a candidate with 3+ years of experience in SEO to take on a leadership position at a young, fast-growing company. You’ll oversee strategy development and execution for our growing list of SEO clients with the broader goal of establishing Uproer as a leading provider of SEO services in the [...]

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8 Examples of Small Business Content Marketing to Inspire You

There are so many incredible examples of content marketing, but most center on big companies. What about small businesses?  Here are some inspiring examples of small business content marketing done right. Whether you’re a mom and pop shop up to hundreds of employees – these examples of answers, guides, and infographics will likely hold some [...]

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Accidental Optimization: How to Succeed with SEO, Without “Doing” SEO

definition of accidental optimization the result of driving tons of organic search traffic by creating content your customers love without actually “doing” SEO You have to send an email to drive email traffic. You have to launch an ad to get paid search traffic. What’s different about SEO? Well, I’ve come across websites that drive [...]

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Video SEO: How to Do YouTube Keyword Research

If you’ve spent any time researching your opportunity for video marketing, then you’ve probably heard this often-shared data point: YouTube is the second-biggest search engine behind Google. It’s almost a cliche by now, but it’s likely true. YouTube sits right behind Google in Alexa.com’s list of the top 500 websites (just ahead of Facebook) and earns [...]

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