Video SEO: How to Do YouTube Keyword Research

If you’ve spent any time researching your opportunity for video marketing, then you’ve probably heard this often-shared data point: YouTube is the second-biggest search engine behind Google. It’s almost a cliche by now, but it’s likely true. YouTube sits right behind Google in’s list of the top 500 websites (just ahead of Facebook) and earns [...]

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Unlocking Search Console With Data Studio

Presentation Check out the companion post to this presentation. Web Analytics Dashboard This dashboard combines Google Analytics, Google Search Console and custom spreadsheets into one reporting view. Search Console Dashboard This reporting view illustrates how custom filters can be applied to Google Search Console keyword data.

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5 Best Free Schema Markup Generators

The importance of structured data continues to grow as Google invests in making search results more rich and visually compelling. Luckily, you can implement structured data on your website at no cost (and with little technical know-how). Numerous SEO-related websites have developed free schema markup generators that do the hard work for you. All you [...]

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Get the Most Out of Search Console Using Google Data Studio

Google Search Console is not a great keyword reporting tool. You can’t save custom reports. You can’t create your own filters. And, you’re limited to 1,000 results. These limitations make analyzing organic search data a time-consuming, and often fruitless, task. Although improvements are coming to Search Console, you can get the most out of the [...]

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The Complete HTTPS Migration Checklist for SEO

You've decided to migrate your website to HTTPS. In your quest to create a more secure web experience, you can't overlook the details required for a successful site migration. Use the checklist below to ensure that your HTTPS migration boosts your SEO performance. But, know that perks of HTTPS are limited to just organic search. [...]

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