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Content Specialist

About the Role

The Content Specialist is the foundation of Uproer’s content production practice. The ideal candidate has a passion for creating great content that drives the performance of marketing objectives. They know how to set clear expectations at the front end and guide content production to successful outcomes. They have a keen eye for detail, are quick to deliver feedback, and are vocal when opportunities arise to improve processes.

The Content Specialist is responsible for managing Uproer’s content workflow. This includes vetting external copywriters, developing detailed content briefs, managing feedback & revisions, communicating progress, and thoroughly editing written pieces while keeping content deadlines on track. The ideal candidate has content writing & editing expertise and familiarity with SEO concepts that support content performance.

You'll love this role if:

  • You love to create great content and won’t accept content that is below your high standards
  • You love wordsmithing and ensuring content meets a brand’s desired tone of voice and style guidelines
  • You have firm perspectives on what makes content great and you want to give copywriters clear direction on how to get there
  • You want to step out of day-to-day copywriting and into content management
  • You have SaaS & e-commerce writing experience
  • You have a clear editing process and you don’t shy away from giving copywriters feedback to limit future editing & content revisions
  • You love to bring order to chaos with strong organizational, project management, and communication skills
  • You’re excited to explore new technologies, like AI, and learn how you can use them to improve your work

You will feel challenged in this role if:

  • You’re looking for a pure copywriting role. While you’ll be working closely with copywriters, this role is for someone who is interested in managing the content production process rather than doing the bulk of the writing
  • You’re looking for a “back of house” role. This role is critically important to our content production practice and, as such, we’re looking for a vocal team player who is a driving force behind improving how we create content
  • You don’t like being client-facing. This role expects you to collaborate with clients and external vendors in your mission to create great content
  • You don’t have experience writing for technical industries. Many of our clients are SaaS and e-commerce, meaning there are often complex topics you’ll be responsible for researching
  • You’re not detail-oriented. A key function of this role is to be organized for both internal and external parties to keep content moving throughout a client engagement


Content Strategy & Client Engagement

  • Partner with the account leads - our Managers and Analysts - to aid in content strategy development.
    • Engage with the team during our onboarding process to ensure we’re producing high-quality content that engages the intended audience & reflects the brand voice of the company.
    • Contribute to the content planning process by researching content topics, working with the Analyst to develop a content strategy, and sourcing high-quality copywriters.
    • Execute Uproer’s content management workflow (referred to as our Content Lifecycle) and recommend improvements as appropriate.
    • Assist account leads in preparing for stakeholder interviews with client organizations to develop bespoke content that captures their unique perspective.
    • Learn about client industries to help surface new content ideas and insights.
  • Work with clients’ teams to establish clear brand guidelines and content expectations.
    • Communicate these guidelines and content expectations to copywriters to ensure we meet client expectations.

Content Workflow Management

  • Manage day-to-day content creation:
    • Create detailed content briefs through keyword research and competitive analysis. Identify unique angles for each topic and ensure it speaks to the client’s value proposition. 
    • Maintain governance of brand voice and style guidelines when writing for different clients. 
    • Flag when stakeholder interviews are necessary to create content. Work with Analysts to collect information for topics. 
    • Apply on-page SEO best practices while editing content.
  • Manage day-to-day content operations: 
    • Publish content using client CMSs.
    • Source and match copywriters to clients. 
    • Edit copy and apply feedback from Uproer staff and clients. 
    • Communicate feedback and content expectations to copywriters. 
    • Make recommendations and implement updates for existing content.
    • Manage & track content production against clients’ budgets.
    • Communicate with the team when things are off track, and identify bottlenecks early. 
  • Contribute to the improvement of Uproer’s content service:
    • Act as the creative lens that all content passes through. Continuously identify opportunities to create content that stands out and resonates with the client’s audience. 
    • Actively surface areas of improvement in client content workflows. 
    • Become an active participant in Content team meetings. 
    • Share learnings and tests with the broader team. 
    • Stay up to date with current content marketing trends and industry tactics.

Career Development

  • Develop yourself continuously.
    • Practice continuous self-improvement by welcoming feedback and taking responsibility for your personal growth.
    • Further your industry knowledge, particularly in the realm of ecommerce and SaaS, to keep you and your team on the leading edge of search.
    • Strive to do your best work, treating each challenge or deliverable as an opportunity to level-up our work.
  • Support the growth of your team members by becoming more skilled, purpose-driven and autonomous.


  • Previous copywriting experience in technical industries, like SaaS and ecommerce
  • Previous editing experience and the ability to clearly articulate your approach to editing
  • Previous experience developing content briefs and ensuring content adheres to a brand’s style and legal guidelines
  • Familiarity with basic SEO concepts & practices, like on-page optimization, keyword research, search intent, and topical authority


  • Salary: $55,000-$65,000
  • 10% bonus based on company goals

Benefits of Working at Uproer

Uproer is a perfect fit for the search marketing professional who is hungry for career growth. We're a business-minded group of “intrapreneurs” who enjoy building a work environment that creates room for our professional and personal lives. We despise hustle culture and the “work hard, play hard” mentality found at many agencies. Instead, we love working alongside smart people who challenge us to think for ourselves while creating a fulfilling work-life balance.

Here are some other benefits:

  • Autonomous work environment that allows you to set your own schedule
  • Flexible paid vacation policy
  • Flexible work-from-wherever policy
  • "Offline Fridays" - 32 hour standard work week with flexible Fridays
  • $900 annual wellness stipend
  • Paid parental leave
  • Retirement program with 3% company match
  • 50% coverage of health insurance and 100% coverage of dental and vision insurance
  • Learning opportunities, like memberships to MnSearch & other industry organizations

About the Company

Uproer was founded in May 2017 and is based in St. Paul, MN. We’re a team of twelve full-time employees plus a tight network of talented, local contractors.

  • What we do: Uproer is a search marketing agency with solutions designed for ecommerce and SaaS companies.
  • How we do it: We develop creative solutions to complex problems that connect people to the products or services that best suit them.
  • Why we do it: To seek fulfillment in the pursuit of our creative passions.

To Apply

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Sr. Manager, SEO & Operations

Dave Sewich

Dave made an accidental foray into digital marketing after graduating from the University of Minnesota Duluth and hasn’t looked back. Having spent the first part of his marketing journey brand-side, he now works with the Uproer team to help clients realize their goals through the lens of search.

When not at work, you’ll find Dave staying active and living a healthy lifestyle, listening to podcasts, and enjoying live music. A Minnesotan born and raised, his favorite sport is hockey and he still finds time to skate once in a while.

Dave’s DiSC style is C. He enjoys getting things done deliberately and systematically without sacrificing speed and efficiency. When it comes to evaluating new ideas and plans, he prefers to take a logical approach, always sprinkling on a bit of healthy skepticism for good measure. At work, Dave’s happiest when he has a chance to dive deep into a single project for hours at a time. He loves contributing to Uproer and being a part of a supportive team but is most productive when working solo.

Founder & CEO

Griffin Roer

Griffin discovered SEO in 2012 during a self-taught web development course and hasn’t looked back. After years of working as an SEO consultant to some of the country’s largest retail and tech brands, Griffin pursued his entrepreneurial calling of starting an agency in May of 2017.

Outside of work, Griffin enjoys going to concerts and spending time with his wife, two kids, and four pets.

Griffin’s DiSC style is D. He’s driven to set and achieve goals quickly, which helps explain why he’s built his career in the fast-paced agency business. Griffin’s most valuable contributions to the workplace include his motivation to make progress, his tendency towards bold action, and his willingness to challenge assumptions.