Searchlite: Buy on Google Goes Commission Free + Other Search News

Happy Thursday, everyone! Before we launch into the biggest news in search... we'd like to share the biggest news for Uproer. Welcome our newest (and by FAR the cutest) team member: Levon! Uproer's founder Griffin and his wife Jane welcomed their happy and healthy firstborn, Levon on July 26th. Congratulations to the new parents! Though [...]

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Why PPC Is A Long Game, Too

Okay, we’re throwing this out into the crowded abyss of content that attempts to answer the question “How do I optimize google ads performance?” Because there’s a lot of “tips,” even more “tricks,” and a few things “you won’t believe you missed” out there. And, well, we’re writing this, so you can guess what we [...]

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We’re Hiring – Associate Digital Strategist, SEO Team

About the Role This is a full-time remote role with a Minneapolis-based search marketing agency. We’re looking for a candidate with a passion for digital marketing to join a young, fast-growing company. You’ll execute strategy tactics for our growing list of SEO clients with the broader goal of establishing Uproer as a leading provider of [...]

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Why Content Is King In The Google Ads Auction

We say it all the time, “your website is important for Google ads.” We run landing page tests and suggest copy tweaks for keyword density. And as PPC specialists, we know Google doesn’t place ads on bid alone. But over the next few paragraphs, we’re going to show exactly why the Google auction considers Quality [...]

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