The world looks a lot different than the last time we sent this newsletter. One thing our team is doing to stay connected (and sane) is our weekly virtual happy hour, where we grab our beverage of choice and decompress together.

Uproer Work Happy Hour

And speaking of going remote, as our workforce makes the shift into virtual, our team brainstormed some tips to improve productivity and happiness while working from home. Check it out:

Jess: Make your bed! It’s a simple task that enforces that the little things in life matter, and that even if you’re having a crummy day, you’ve accomplished at least one thing, and get to sleep in a nice made bed afterward.

Abby: Make a schedule and stick to it. Have set work hours and projects you want to work on, and when you’re done with work, be done. Don’t forget to add fun things to your schedule as well. A 15-minute walk at lunch, a yoga class after work, etc. This always helps me feel more structured and have things to look forward to at the end of the day.

John: Find a hobby or start a passion project. It’s easy to fall into the cycle of sleep – work – Netflix – sleep – work – Netflix. But think about it: when else are we going to have the government-mandated time to stay inside and focus on learning something new or building something? Make the most of it in a way that keeps your brain happy and engaged! Also, open your windows; it’s early spring.

Griffin: Wear your normal work clothes when WFH. It’s tempting to roll out of bed, open up the laptop and work from your pajamas. But, if you’re like me you associate PJs with being lazy and eating carbs. Putting on something professional can shift your mindset into “work mode” and help you be more productive at home.

Dave: Take at least one long walk every day. It’s not only an underrated form of exercise, but it’s also an effective stress-reducer and gives your mind an opportunity to work on problems without the normal distractions.

Dan: Eat like you would at the office. Limited movement throughout the quarantine plus endless trips to the fridge is a recipe for disaster. Take a couple minutes the night before or early morning to pack a lunch so you make sure your body has what it needs to make it through the day.

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