Adding structured data to your website is rapidly becoming an industry best practice, as it allows search engines to more effectively understand your website and use this information to add rich snippets and other features to your search result.

If you’ve already implemented structured data using a schema markup generator, you’re halfway there. The next crucial step is testing your data. Here are the best free schema markup testers for you to use:

1. Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool

Google’s very own tool for testing structured data is about as simple as they come. Just enter your URL into the “Fetch URL” portion or a piece of code with “Code Snippet”, then run the test. Look for these items:

  • What structured data does your page have?
  • Does your page contain any warnings?
  • What are the details of the warnings?

Screenshot of Googles Structured Data Testing Tool warning

Having just one warning could cause Google to not read your markup. Sometimes the warning could be in relation to a missing or erroneous piece of code. Other times, the warning could be as simple as recommended field that wasn’t filled out.

Reminder: Just because you see a warning about missing a recommended field, this does not mean Google will ignore your markup. There are many cases to leave out certain information from your markup i.e. not disclosing a price range for your services.

2. Google Search Console’s Structured Data Report

Google offers this schema markup report in addition to its Structured Data Testing Tool to give you a complete overview of your site’s schema markup. If your site is set up with Search Console, you can see the exact number of structured data items on your entire site, not just one specific URL. This allows you to tackle errors comprehensively instead of one-by-one.


Screenshot of Google Search Console Testing Tool

To use the Structured Data Report, log into your site’s Google Search Console, click “Search Appearance” and then “Structured Data” to see your report.

3. Yandex.Webmaster’s Structured Data Validator

This structured dating testing tool is slightly less beginner-friendly than Google’s, but offers the unique perspective of how the microformat parser processes your page. To use this tool, enter the webpage URL or HTML code fragment, click “Check” and look over the results. This tool also displays errors, so make sure to check those out as well.

4. SEO SiteCheckup’s Microdata Schema Test

The simplicity of this schema markup tester ensures that even the most beginner of webmasters can use this. This tool differentiates itself from the rest by allowing you to compare your site’s markup to a competitor. Get started by entering your URL (and the URL of your competitors, if you wish).

The primary con of this tool is that if you want to continue using it for free, you only get to test one batch of URLs per hour. However, it’s still a great schema testing tool to keep in your back pocket.


Checking your structured data with multiple tools is a best practice for successful implementation. These 4 schema markup testers will help you double-check (or triple, or quadruple-check) your structured data and hopefully earn you those elusive rich snippets.

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