SearchLite – How Simplifying a B2B Shopify Site Increased SEO Revenue by 500%

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Hi everyone!

With heat waves, new hires, moves, and more, July was an exciting month for Uproer! This month we hired Kavi Kardos as our first SEO Director. She'll be leading the charge in leveling up the competency and efficiency of the SEO services we provide. With years of experience in the SEO industry, we're beyond excited to see what she brings to this new role! 

In other news, Sr. SEO Analyst Ben Bjerken said goodbye to the land of 10,000 lakes and hello to the rockies! He'll be working for Uproer from Denver and enjoying the mountains and sunshine. 

In this month's edition of SearchLite, see how the Uproer team grew organic revenue by over 500% for a B2B site, or, find a detailed guide on how to execute an internal linking strategy. It's all here and more, let's dive in! 

How Simplifying a B2B Shopify Site Boosted SEO Revenue by 500%

By Griffin Roer, CEO & Founder

Key Takeaways

  • B2B ecommerce SEO can be challenging due to long buying cycles, difficulty in differentiating products, and service layer complexity. In this case study, acknowledging the challenges helped us get buy-in to drive serious SEO growth.
  • Sometimes less means more – simplifying the site experience by mapping it with the customer journey was one of the primary drivers for sustained growth.
  • Understanding customer behavior with a blend of keyword data and stakeholder conversations is key to differentiating B2B content from competitors.
  • Answering customer FAQ's and pain points in a well-researched content strategy helped create a positive brand impression and influence would-be customers to convert.

How to Conduct a Successful Internal Linking Project

by Ben Bjerken, Sr. Analyst, SEO

Key Takeaways

  • Cornerstone content are pages on a website that are highly informative or valuable for the reader. These are critical for SEO because they attract a higher volume of traffic, generate backlinks from other sites, and can rank for competitive keywords.
  • Linking relevant content to your cornerstone pages means you can create a network of valuable information, strengthening the topical clustering and increasing the visibility of your entire website.
  • Tools like Screaming Frog's Custom Search feature can help you streamline the process of identifying internal linking opportunities.

Hack Your Productivity: Tips & Tricks for Daily Work

by Alyssa Broussard, Content Specialist

Key Takeaways

  • An autonomous work structure plays a critical role in productivity and collaboration at Uproer. With autonomy comes the need for accountability, which is why we love to nerd out on productivity hacks!
  • Calendar blocking, Slack organization, spacing out meetings, and more can be simple ways to make your work day more efficient.

Essential Questions to Ask Your Next SEO Agency

by Ben Bjerken, Sr. SEO Analyst

Key Takeaways

  • It's no secret that finding an agency that aligns with your goals and needs can feel difficult and even overwhelming. Coming up with a list of questions to ask as you vet agencies can help alleviate some of this.
  • Questions on approach and strategy will help reveal the internal philosophies of an agency, and how they prioritize their work. This includes:
  • ​Beyond objective criteria (industry, size, etc.), what makes a client a good fit for your agency?
  • Can you provide any guarantees for achieving the No. 1 ranking?
  • How will you tailor the SEO strategy to align with our brand, business, industry, or niche?
  • Questions specific to the team and their capabilities can help you understand where their specialty is. It's important to remember that more capabilities does not always equal more value. This includes:
    • ​Can I have the opportunity to meet the team assigned to handle our project?
    • What kind of support or cooperation do you require from us to ensure effective results?
    • How do you stay updated on industry changes and Google updates?
Skye Sonnega

Skye Sonnega

Skye got her start in SEO and digital marketing while interning for a startup in 2020. At Uproer, she pioneered the SEO Analyst + Copywriter position and is the company’s first internal copywriter. After transitioning to a more SEO-focused position, she is passionate about finding ways to improve the way Uproer approaches content production.

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Sr. Manager, SEO & Operations

Dave Sewich

dave sewich

Dave made an accidental foray into digital marketing after graduating from the University of Minnesota Duluth and hasn’t looked back. Having spent the first part of his marketing journey brand-side, he now works with the Uproer team to help clients realize their goals through the lens of search.

When not at work, you’ll find Dave staying active and living a healthy lifestyle, listening to podcasts, and enjoying live music. A Minnesotan born and raised, his favorite sport is hockey and he still finds time to skate once in a while.

Dave’s DiSC style is C. He enjoys getting things done deliberately and systematically without sacrificing speed and efficiency. When it comes to evaluating new ideas and plans, he prefers to take a logical approach, always sprinkling on a bit of healthy skepticism for good measure. At work, Dave’s happiest when he has a chance to dive deep into a single project for hours at a time. He loves contributing to Uproer and being a part of a supportive team but is most productive when working solo.

Founder & CEO

Griffin Roer

Griffin discovered SEO in 2012 during a self-taught web development course and hasn’t looked back. After years of working as an SEO consultant to some of the country’s largest retail and tech brands, Griffin pursued his entrepreneurial calling of starting an agency in May of 2017.

Outside of work, Griffin enjoys going to concerts and spending time with his wife, two kids, and four pets.

Griffin’s DiSC style is D. He’s driven to set and achieve goals quickly, which helps explain why he’s built his career in the fast-paced agency business. Griffin’s most valuable contributions to the workplace include his motivation to make progress, his tendency towards bold action, and his willingness to challenge assumptions.