Searchlite: What is Brave Ads? + Other Search News

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Happy (almost) spring! These past four weeks have been chock full of fun events for our team. Before the snow melted, we got outside and hit the slopes at Afton Alps for one last run on the mountain. We also journeyed over to the charming cafe Stewart's for a delicious team lunch. Finally, we topped it [...]

What Is Brave Ads? An Advertiser’s Guide

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TL;DR:  People are annoyed by ads, simply because they’re everywhere and can be intrusive. As a result, they’re flocking to privacy-first Browsers, Search Engines, & Ad Blockers in droves. One of the brightest stars in secure browsing is Brave, a browser built to protect user data above everything else.  In recent years, Brave has rolled [...]

Organic Traffic Down? Here’s What to Do

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Practically every website sees peaks and valleys when it comes to organic traffic. It’s perfectly normal to see ups and downs as a result of rankings fluctuations, seasonality, and lots of other factors.  But sometimes big swings catch us off guard. A sudden drop in traffic can make it feel like the rug is being [...]

Our Guide to Finding and Prioritizing SEO Keywords

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Keyword research is essential to doing good SEO.  You can and should have outstanding content. You can and should also have a great website and overall user experience. But if you’re not strategic about the topics and keywords you’re targeting, you’ll be sailing a ship without a rudder.  But if you’re new to keyword research, [...]

Amazon SEO: How to Optimize for the A9 Algorithm

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Show of hands: who has an Amazon Prime account? Based on this survey, nearly a third of the entire U.S. population. And whether you love or hate what Amazon is doing on a personal level, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s the world’s largest e-commerce platform, claiming roughly half of e-commerce market share in [...]